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I’m a little indifferent.

As I read peoples’ knit blogs and they talk about fair isle sweaters and such, I have to wonder if I’m weird for having absolutely no interest in putting them together. Or in wearing them.  I have interest in some intarsia, like the skully sweater from stitch and bitch, but I like my clothing plain read more

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Nothing new today.

Nothing new today, I’m mostly just watching queer as folk and doing laundry.  Its warm and humid here, so I’m laying low.

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Oh, Just Shut Up and Kill Each Other Already.

Last week’s rentals were Kill Bill vol. 2, Road to Perdition, The Butterfly Effect, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House & Queer as Folk Season 1 Disc 1. Kill Bill Vol. 2 was tedious.  At one point I just looked at Derek and said “I wish they would just shut up and kill each other read more

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Drip Da-Drip-Drip…Drip.

So, I went to bed at 3.13am. I’d been exhausted for a while before that but once I get busy doing something, I tend to forget.  I had a great time talking to one of my friends from Fargo last night, he sent me some new photos of his daughter.  He’s the only one of read more

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100 Things.

I finally got around to putting together a 100 things list.  Its over on the left there, in the links section, and you’ll find it here: 100 Things. Go on, enjoy the 100 random things about TheBon. Also, there’ve been a few other changes around here, most noticeably I redid the CSS for the comments. read more

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Sheer Cacophony

I have 4 jays sitting in the big cedar tree just off my patio.  They are blackheaded and noisy.  If I had Derek’s camera I’d photograph them, but it’ll have to wait until the next time they visit.  However, the noise they are making is starting to drive me crazy. I think they’re trying to read more

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Shiny and NEW!

I have a shiny new email.  A shiny new UO grad student email! I am so excited to start grad school in the fall.  One of these days I need to go in and get my student id taken so that I can ride the bus for free. Wheee! I’ll have to start doing so read more

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I am rather excited about this.  It would be perfect on those afternoons when it is so super hot out that I can’t stand to move. It would be a strictly in-home only pattern because quite frankly, I believe my tummy belongs inside, and not outside where other people have to see it.  My personal read more

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Bits and Pieces…

Here’s a bleary photo of me in cap and gown from my graduation.  Once I get the actual photos, I’ll scan it and share it with you.  This was taken by a professional company on our way in, stopping briefly on a couple of tape arrows to smile and then move on.  Click for biggerization. read more

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My Mind, I Think Its Going…

All morning I have been singing what I will title “I learned the truth silver bells”.  I start off with the Janis Ian song “I learned the truth at seventeen, that love was meant for beauty queens” and then my brain switches it to “its Christmas time in the city”.  Is there something wrong with read more

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Hot or Not?

I would like to officially say that hot weather and I do not get along.  I would much rather spend the rest of my life piling on the sweaters and heavy socks than I would sweating in a sauna.  Today’s high was 95 with pretty high humidity.  Walking back to work after my lunch break read more

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Kids Say Amazing Things.

I had a great day at work today. Besides telling a million people that we did not have The Bourne Identity or Hidalgo in stock. People assume when you tell them that an older movie like The Bourne Identity that you only have one copy. Well, our tiny store has about 10 copies, and the read more

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