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Kids Say Amazing Things.

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I had a great day at work today. Besides telling a million people that we did not have The Bourne Identity or Hidalgo in stock. People assume when you tell them that an older movie like The Bourne Identity that you only have one copy. Well, our tiny store has about 10 copies, and the other stores that are all checked out of it may have even more. I’m sorry that everywhere in Eugene is out of the movie, same with Hidalgo, “I suggest you not underestimate the staggering drawing power of the Garden State”…Alright, so Dogma has nothing to do with those two movies, but I love that quote. Corporate underestimated how popular Hidalgo would be, although people sometimes will rent anything that’s new. As long as it just came out that week, they are all over it. For instance Tiptoes. Now I like a good “girl falls in love with normal sized man, girl gives birth to dwarf baby, girl loses normal sized man but falls in love with his dwarf twin brother” story as much as the next girl, but for the life of the store, we can’t keep that movie on the shelf…People also will blindly follow the recommendation of their friendly neighborhood video clerk. Now, for the most part, people think I have good taste in movies. Top five of the moment, Donnie Darko, Big Fish, The Boondock Saints, Amelie and High Fidelity. However, these people don’t know me from Adam and vice versa. However, some people will say, “Find me a good movie.” And then rent one based solely on one I point out. If I ever get a mean person that says that to me I’m pointing them towards The Fluffer or Torque

Anyway, the best parts of my day were the 5 year old who correctly used the phrase “speaking of” and the little boy with the Civil War action figure. When my coworker mentioned transformers, he responded with “Speaking of Transformers, I have the one that turns into an airplane!” Turns out the action figure was Joshua Chamberlain, a man from Maine who led Company B in some pretty important Civil War battles and the boy was enthralled to hear how much I know about him. And also, laughing very hard with my coworker about what a dork I am.

Entertainment Specialist was draining last night. People were crabby and uptight, and I just kept hitting a wall with customers. Also, I had approximately one half dozen people who insisted I follow them around the store pointing to movies they might enjoy based on their specific criteria. One woman’s criteria was “based on a true story, non-violent, in english only, with a storyline that never contained any flashbacks”. And she’d already seen 90% of the movies in the store that even came close to meeting those criteria, and would not be able to handle any of the others I suggested. She turned down Big Fish for crimeny’s sake! One gentleman hit me with a dvd, in what I’m sure he meant as a gesture of comraderie, however shocking it was to me. I also managed to forget that I am not a guy, and upon returning from letting someone into the restroom, I smacked one of my coworkers in the butt with the dvd case our restroom key is connected to. Luckily, he thought it was hilarious and we had a good long laugh over it. Alright, I’m rambling. That’s all for now. More tales from Blockbuster to come.

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