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Looking for a graphic designer? Need help with your marketing? Desire custom designed papergoods? Bonnie is working as a freelance designer and open for new clients. Contact Bonnie to see what she can do for you.

With a diverse background in such subjects as architecture, historic preservation, scenic design, graphic design and marketing, Bonnie is now operating as a freelance designer. Her business, BD Rose LLC offers a wide variety of design solutions for every need. She lives in Eugene, Oregon with her nerdy computer programmer husband Derek and their crazy cats Pica and Bob.

In her spare time, Bonnie is a nerd, an amateur photographer, a home cook and baker, dabbling in the fine art of food preservation (canning, particularly jam making), a knitter and crafter and she can scribble a fine doodle, especially if she’s asked to draw a building. She’s a great admirer of propaganda art of all varieties and collects artwork on a small and inexpensive scale.

You can also find information at, Bonnie’s professional website.

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