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Hot or Not?

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I would like to officially say that hot weather and I do not get along.  I would much rather spend the rest of my life piling on the sweaters and heavy socks than I would sweating in a sauna.  Today’s high was 95 with pretty high humidity.  Walking back to work after my lunch break felt like spending time in an oven.  

Work was fun today, although I’m fighting the chronic exhaustion again so sometimes my days drag.  After tomorrow I have 3 days off to rest up and do some knitting, cleaning and other household chores.  Because Derek and I walk back and forth from the patio to the kitchen with barefeet our kitchen floor becomes gross rapidly.  Which means it needs a good scrubbing at least once every other week.  Today was the last day for a coworker of mine who went off to study in France for a year.  He was great fun to work with, he always reminded me of Dick from Champion Vinyl in High Fidelity.  Extremely brilliant and super sweet, if just a little weird.  Pretty close to all of my coworkers are fantastic, for which I am very thankful.  

A little note to movie renters across the world.  It is more embarrassing for you if we have to call you because the Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights case you returned has the movie “Adam and Eve Present: All-Star Boners” on the inside.  I actually couldn’t say the title for fear of laughter on the phone, so the woman will probably be quite surprised when she comes in to swap the videos out.  A young man also laughed at me because I blush quite easily, regardless of being embarrased or not.  He was renting Pootie Tang and I involuntarily flushed just a little before I said the title out loud.  We had a good giggle over it and when I handed him over the movies I looked him square in the eye and loudly announced that his copy of Pootie Tang would be due back any time next Sunday.  Anyway, tomorrow I’m on previously rented product pulling so I doubt there will be any fun customer stories.

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