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Oh, Just Shut Up and Kill Each Other Already.

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Last week’s rentals were Kill Bill vol. 2, Road to Perdition, The Butterfly Effect, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House & Queer as Folk Season 1 Disc 1.

Kill Bill Vol. 2 was tedious.  At one point I just looked at Derek and said “I wish they would just shut up and kill each other already”.  I liked the first one a lot. I was expecting that kind of action-packed fast-paced deal again. Nope. Almost all backstory. Blah. I think it definitely would have been better as one movie.

Road to Perdition is a fantastic movie. Tom Hanks, 1930’s Chicago, gangsters. And class. I highly recommend it. I saw it in the theatre and it was even better on seeing it again.

The Butterfly Effect Again, saw this one in the theatre and was surprisingly pleased. My friend Nick said it broke my brain because I just kind of laughed the tension out when it was over. The director’s cut ending is maybe even better than the theatrical version.

Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House Great old comedy staring Cary Grant. Its on AMC a lot. One of my favorites.

Queer As Folk s.1.v.1 I was a little put off by the pilot episode as the first of it’s two hours was almost solid gay softcore porn.  Now, I have no issues with any of those things, but I had heard it was touching and funny, and the porn-ness surprised me.  However, the second hour won me over and the episode after that has me hooked.  Hal Sparks is so cute I’d just love to pinch his cheeks.

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