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Okay. New post. Spent today trying not to cough out my lungs…And making cds of my “favorite” Ani DiFranco songs for my friend Jeremiah as I promised him last night that I would. I should have been packing, but every time I stood up I was just too woozy, so I’d lay back down and read more

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Up and Down

Today was very very odd for me…Homework mostly got ignored, in favor of sheet/clothes washing and room cleaning, my tiny dorm room looked like a tornado had whipped through it and I know that that was adding to my non-excitement of being in this city, this state…So I took care of that, with the windows read more

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Billy Joel and Elton John rock my ever-loving world.  My ears are ringing, my throat is hoarse, my body tired from dancing…All in all, well worth the money to see my idol Billy live…                

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Easter Weekend

Happy Friday.  I must go to one of the very very few public universities in the United States that gives their students both Good Friday AND Easter Monday off.  Not that I’m complaining, I can use the four day break to work on my current project.  Redesigning the married student housing complex on my campus read more

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Well hello there. There were older archives, but they’re gone now. It’s for the best, really.                

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