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Easter Weekend

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Happy Friday.  I must go to one of the very very few public
universities in the United States that gives their students both Good Friday AND Easter Monday off.  Not that I’m
complaining, I can use the four day break to work on my current project.  Redesigning the married student housing
complex on my campus has been an interesting project, but with opening night of subUrbia fast approaching, I’ve been in
high demand in the theatre to make sure that it’s painted to my specifications and all…Crazy times, and I may go nuts
before the end, but it’s all fun and games and pretty soon it’ll be summer and then after summer is the beginning of my
thesis and the end of my college career soon…HOORAY! Five years is going to have been much more than enough…Hooray
for the Bachelor of Architecture taking 5 years…Blargh 🙂


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