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there and back again

alright, i’m back in fargo. more later.

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Top O’ The Mornin’ To Ye!

So, I had just about the best St. Patty’s Day yesterday. El boyfriend, his roommate and I met up with El Dildo in Eugene where we had a short tour of the UofO campus (I love it I love it I love it!) and then went out for burgers and beer, followed by spending time read more

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The Solace of Open Spaces

I made it to Oregon. Had a fantastic day today, but I am very tired and will write about it later.

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Checka checka…

I scan my site meter occasionally because its kind of fun to see where people are coming from. This referral cracks me up. Apparently on I am the 9th selection for “Escolade” on the 4th page. That is some hysterical fun. All because I complained about the idiot who thought they were special enough read more

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and the end has come into sight…

I realized this morning as I was doing my laundry in preparation for the field trip to come that I only have classes on tuesday and wednesday now due to my bowling class having finished up last thursday. This seems very strange to me. I do work everyday so its not like i get a read more

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Field Trip on the Horizon…

Got through the presentation. Went much better than I had expected. I finished printing my big sheet of drawings 3 minutes before I was supposed to be across the street presenting, however, we were also a man short at work which made me late too. Stupid ice. The weather here bites it. Back and forth, read more

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my thesis midterm presentation totally has me bent over and is taking me in a very uncomfortable manner…ARGH! Stupid stupid stupid me! Oh well, this time tomorrow it’ll be done with.

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So, this is a very bad week for me. I have my midterm review for my thesis on Wednesday, a midterm exam tomorrow, and then I have meetings, work, and a shitload of cleaning and packing to do before I go to Oregon on Friday. Even though I am swamped, Monday is grocery day so read more

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You’re a sheila…

So, I went out for a nice, grownup-esque dinner with my beloved friend Paul. We went to the outback steakhouse and parked nose-to-nose with a Cadillac Escolade, who’s owner thought (s)he was special enough that (s)he parked halfway over the yellow line, forcing Paul to leave the tailend of his car actually half into the read more

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I’m not allowed to have sharp things…

Today I have cut myself twice. I grated off a couple of little chunks of my thumb while grating cheese (no bits got in my food) then in the shower, I cut my toe shaving off the 3 little hairs that grow on it…So, no more cutting for me!

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In tribute to the fact that I saw the vagina monologues for the 2nd time tuesday night right before my computer went to poo, I’m posting this entry tonight. If your vagina could wear anything, what would it wear? A handspun, handknitting angora scarf. Soft, fuzzy and carefully made. If your vagina could talk, what read more

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Naughty Little Monkey.

Okay, I was planning on a bit of a lengthy post this morning before bowling, but I had to perform some emergency surgery on my hairdryer. There has accumulated a bit of hair in the back, in the open-meshed-in fan area, and it was making a horrible grinding noise. Now, I fear when hot things read more

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