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Bits and Pieces…

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Here’s a bleary photo of me in cap and gown from my graduation.  Once I get the actual photos, I’ll scan it and share it with you.  This was taken by a professional company on our way in, stopping briefly on a couple of tape arrows to smile and then move on.  Click for biggerization.  

Mac over at Pesky Apostrophe mentioned her purple Doc Martins.  I, too, own a purple pair. Unfortunately, Derek took his camera home this week so you have to settle for crappy phonecam pics for now.  The actual color of the boots is shiny light purple; a combinations of these two photos:

They were purchased for me by my sister in Oxford, England while she lived there.  I believe I’ve had them for  3.5 years.  I need to re-waterproof them for the winter here.  Something tells me these will be much better in rain than they were on the snow in Fargo.  

Work was good today, I seem to be the permanent person to pull movies from the shelves on Mondays.  I don’t mind, I get to spend a lot of time mindlessly day-dreaming as I work at it.  It was surprisingly busy for a Monday, but other than that nothing remarkable.  Except I had a woman interrupt what I was working on so I could look for a dozen Harrison Ford movies so she could rent two of them.  Crazy people, I tell you. Crazy.  Anyway, life is good.

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