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Morning Comes too Soon

Alright, this may seem like a weird thing to think about, but I find it a little odd that I have yet to find any grey hairs. I know I’m only 23, but my hair is fairly dark. Derek is only 25 and he’s already got quite a bit of grey hair, and my friend read more

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Hot and Cold.

Alright, after an unseasonabley warm July, Oregon appears to be having an unseasonably cool August. In the past week there have been several days where it didn’t come even close to 80. I’m not complaining, mind you. I like this weather. I am sad because they’ve been threatening rain since Tuesday and it finally rained, read more

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We have this deal, see….

So, part of being in a relationship with the boy is that we have a deal. A deal where every once in a while, I make him a new wallpaper for his desktop background. Last night he was complaining that he was tired of the photo he was using, so I say down, and took read more

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not much…

not much to say today…Derek surprised me by coming home last night so I haven’t done any knitting. I had planned a decent meal for him tonight, so that’s still on the agenda. We ended up talking and hanging out until about 3.30 am and then he got up around 10 so he is napping read more

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Happy Birthday to my Mom

Today (August 5th) is my mom’s birthday. She is awesome. This is the birthday card I made for her, showing her the socks she’ll be receiving in the mail.

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I found a quiz that tells you what kind of sheep you are. Click the sheepie to take the quiz yourself.

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Come Undone…

The first sock isn’t done yet. I got involved in trying to figure something else out and haven’t finished the toe decreases yet. Sleep is my friend. Totally. I find that when I don’t set an alarm at all, I just keep sleeping. For 9 or 10 hours at a time. At least I feel read more

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BasketCase Heel

Alright, here’s my progress on sock 1 of 2 in the basketcase pair. I’m hoping to finish this one up tonight, it needs about another inch, and then the toe decreases. However, I needed a break. Forgive the messy of my desk. The spider in the photo is a necklace my sister gave me with read more

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Short row heels!

I decided that I didn’t like the way the flap-and-gusset heels looked from the pippi kneestockings I knitted so I decided that I would bravely attempt short-row heels. They are so much easier, require so much less thought, and knit faster and neater. I am so excited by this. I didn’t knit a toe-up sock, read more

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Listen Children to a Story…

Alright, I promised stories of my time as “entertainment specialist” and so here we go. E.S. means that for 5 hours on a Friday or Saturday night, someone gets to wear a red apron and walk around and talk to customers. Helping them find movies, helping them select alternate movies should the ones that they read more

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Morning = The Devil

I am NOT a morning person. It takes me about two hours to get ready for a 10am shift at work because I need enough time to have some caffeine and get cheery before I head over there. Today’s morning also includes paying my rent, and mailing out checks to pay my bills. Since the read more

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Bad Blogger.

Alright, I ran out of time tonight, because I was putting together a new belt. See, I hate belts but Blockbuster requires that I wear one, so instead of spending 20-40 dollars on a belt I’ll inevitabley hate, I spent $5 and bought grosgrain ribbon, d-rings, and stichwitchery and ironed together my own belt. In read more

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