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not much to say today…Derek surprised me by coming home last night so I haven’t done any knitting. I had planned a decent meal for him tonight, so that’s still on the agenda. We ended up talking and hanging out until about 3.30 am and then he got up around 10 so he is napping now.

Last week I discovered he had never had peanut butter frosting. I don’t like white frosting (too much straight, plain sugar) but I do like chocolate and peanut butter. In fact, chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting is one of my favorites. So I made one for Derek. I’d never made peanut butter frosting before, and the recipe I found called for about a cup more sugar than I put in, but it turned out really well.

Other than that all we’ve done today is watch Donnie Darko and some episodes of Invader Zim, two of my favorite things in the world. Tomorrow night I work as Entertainment Specialist again, so we’ll see if that’s as interesting as last week was.

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