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Listen Children to a Story…

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Alright, I promised stories of my time as “entertainment specialist” and so here we go. E.S. means that for 5 hours on a Friday or Saturday night, someone gets to wear a red apron and walk around and talk to customers. Helping them find movies, helping them select alternate movies should the ones that they want be out of stock. I had the privelege of recommending a lot of lesser known movies (Pi, Donnie Darko, The Boondock Saints, etc) to some really cool people, I also had some weird/uncomfortable situations.

I should say for those readers that don’t know me (I know I’ve got lurkers, go ahead and comment, I won’t bite!) I am not what anyone would refer to as a tiny woman. I’m 5’7″ and have an air of general sturdiness about me. I also have a fairly small personal bubble. However, one man discovered exactly how to burst the bubble. I had greeted he and his wife 10-15 minutes before the incident and when they told me that they needed no help, I let them know that I was avalable should they change their minds. I then moved on to a couple about my age, and we were standing in front of a large rack displaying Starsky & Hutch discussing the film. The man, who was easily 6’3″, middle-aged and bald on top, proceeded to walk up behind me, grabbing my biceps in his hands, briefly pinning my back against his chest. I stiffened and after another few seconds he dropped his hands and I was too flabbergsted to yell at him. The guys at work couldn’t believe that anyone would dare touch someone, especialy in a manner that could be perceived as threatening My coworker Chris and I decided that it needed to be joked about, however I am much more defensive while out on the floor now.

I also had a man go on about actors and politics and how he didn’t think the two should be involved, but that by renting Secret Window he couldn’t help but feel he was also buying ino Johnny Depp’s dislike of the U.S. He also told me that with all that Kobe Bryant has paid in his fiasco, he could have just gone out and gotten a whore. He wrapped up the conversation with a comment about how he married an asian woman becaue he wanted someone smarter, so he didn’t have to make all the decisions.

Saturday night I was working the register and a middle-aged man came up to me, wife in tow, and asked me in a creepy, cutesy voice why I wan’t wearing a “cute little red apron” like the Saturday night E.S. After I informed him that it was because I was not working that position that night, he kept asking in a flirty, sly voice when my “show” was. I have to wonder about 40-something year old men at this point.

I am astonished by what parents let their young childen rent. A 10 year old with Jerry Springer: Too Hot for TV, Elephant and The Good Son. A 6 year old with Grand Thef Auto: Vice City. I just don’t get it. Can’t they just enjoy being a child while they can?

Anyway, some movie thoughts from me. The Station Agent was fantastic. Its clever, touching, and although the ending is somewhat anti-climactic, it works well with the subtlety of the film. Secetary,while featuring the gorgeous Maggie Gyllenhaal, was not my cup of tea. On the agenda to watch between tomorrow and Thursday are Permanent Midnight, Mystic River and The Triplets of Belleville, which i have seen already and enjoyed greatly.

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