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I sometimes think that Derek is a little surprised by the amount of domesticity that I show. I do a lot of the cooking, although if I’m going to be working late, he makes supper to be ready when I get home, which is much appreciated.  Today I had a super house-wife-y day.  I did read more

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GoDaddy’s No Help.

So, I emailed customer service about the issue with my image upload script that worked perfectly fine up until a couple of days ago.  Their reason for the script not working on their servers is that their php settings have been changed so that they are no longer running in safe mode.  Derek says that’s read more

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Nickel Crazy!

A couple of weeks ago, while on the phone with my father, he mentioned the Lewis and Clark Westward Expansion Nickles and how he just couldn’t find ANY.  My dad is a coin nut, not to the point where he buys coins, but man, he NEVER wants to get rid of change.  He keeps coffee read more

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Like, Totally

Alright, tonight I watched Totally Obsessed on Vh1.  These people are a little bit off their rockers.  There was a man who wants to turn himself into a cat, physically.  A man who gave up his job as a doctor in order to make exact replicas of Madonna’s costumes. A couple who are raising a read more

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So, NDSU starts the fall 2004 semester tomorrow.  It feels a little weird not to be back on campus, getting ready for another year’s worth of classes there.  Its even weirder knowing that I have another month before I start classes.  I’ve been talking to some of my friends and they’re lamenting the lack of read more

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There’s been some changes here at Cathartic Ink.  Most of them are things you’ll never see directly, however some things are.  You’ll see as they appear.  I have to thank Derek for these changes, he is my most excellent code man. And here, finally, I have photos of my Nautilus Hat. Like I said before read more

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Something’s Amiss

I don’t have photos of my new hat tonight, because my image upload is not working, and I don’t feel like manually uploading and creating thumbnails for them this late at night.  Derek and I are going to give it until tomorrow night and hope its just something screwy with the server. It rained last read more

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I’ve got nothing today. I slept for 11.5 hours last night, got up, worked off the groggy from the “sleep aid” I took last night, called my dad and talked to him, then went to work.  Unless someone sells a mess tomorrow, I’ve sold the most movie passes at work this week, with a total read more

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Tired, Sans Knitting.

Derek and I have been pretty low key today.  I couldn’t sleep again last night.  Its getting frustrating.  We had this horribley creepy guy in the store today, and the manager thinks that he may have been a spy from Hollywood Video.  Apparantly they spy on Blockbuster all the time.  A somewhat elderly woman called read more

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So Nice, We’ll Do It TWICE!

So, the meeting last night was only an hour, which was nice as I’ve only been home 8 hours and I have to be back at work in 45 minutes.  Next Thursday we’re doing it again, because there are a lot of legalities involved with something that Blockbuster is about to start doing so we read more

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I am Tired.

Alright, I’ve had enough of this hot and tired thing. I’ve been crabby way more during this humid heat than I have in a long time. Blah!

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I forgot to mention on Tuesday that when I got to work everyone was just abuzz with news.  Our store manager was due to have her baby on September 24th.  However, after working all day Monday, she went home and went into labor, having the baby around 11am on Tuesday.  As far as we know, read more

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