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Someone Used to Pee Where I Work.

Yup, its true.  I started my second job yesterday.  I got a tour of the building and a brief introduction to the programs that the building houses.  Since I’ll be working in the marketing department, this is a necessity.  All I know right now is that some of my projects for fall term involve working read more

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New Stash!

I went to a new yarn store the other day; the Knit Shop where the owner was lovely and the store was open, roomy, and easy to locate things in.  Much, much nicer than my trip to Soft Horizons Fibre, and probably my LYS of choice here in Eugene.  I got some yarn for a read more

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Watch Out for Buffalo!

I forgot to post my favorite image from all of field school, the flier that was inside the newspaper we were given upon entering Yellowstone warning us of the dangers of getting close to the bison! (And yet we saw some idiot get out of his car less than 10′ in front of a pair read more

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Out the Door Just in Time

Alright, here’s a messload of photos from my trip…Whee!!Photos of Railroad Ranch where we worked, and its amazing landscapes:       Some photos from Yellowstone; elk, the old faithful in, and old faithful itself:       Some candid shots at the Union Pacific Museum in West Yellowstone:       Johnny Sach’s cabin, read more

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Don’t Stop Believing.

Stress and weariness have kind of enveloped me, although I’ve done very little during the past two days.  I have my program’s orientation tomorrow morning, then I start my second job on Wednesday.  Derek has to be moved in completely by Monday, and I work both jobs Thursday and Friday, then just one on Saturday read more

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16 hours in a car. I am tired. Tomorrow, maybe, or Monday, there will be an update, including some photos.  After that, there will be a photo album, at some point.

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An update from the boy

If you’re reading this post, then the server migration is done. Bon will now have much more freedom in what she has me do for her site. Her uploads, for example, will work again. Also, I got a call from her yesterday evening. Through the static I managed to get that she is in Idaho read more

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I lied.

Unless I get to it before I leave tomorrow, there won’t be any pictures until I get back from Idaho.  And Derek says because I haven’t cancelled my godaddy hosting that my site will not experience any downtime.  So, it’ll be there, there just won’t be anything new. Have a great week!

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Last night Derek moved his sewing kit home which include a fantastic button jar that Nanie put together for him, from clothing that she took apart.  I found two buttons suitable for my bag, and buttoned it up.  There will be photos later today, but its a busy one right now.  I’m heading to Idaho read more

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Ready to Felt

The new bag is done, it just needs to be felted. I’m not sure what I ought to call it, although it really makes me think of grapes.  Or wine.  I don’t know.  At any rate, felting will be occuring tomorrow.

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I-Cord Makes My Head Hurt

As promised, here’s a photo of the tote that I am working on.  I keep changing it as I go along, I was just going to make it square bottomed, but then I’ve been looking at it and it just looks better with the sides squished out like that.  The flap will be attached with read more

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Tote on.

So, I’ve officially decided that the way the marsupial tote works only works for me in theory, and in practice would end up being something that I would put time and effort into but never use.  So, since I stood outside and held the tent down for 3 hours at our sidewalk sale yesterday, I read more

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