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No One’s Home.

Technically, that’s not true, TheBoy is at home. I am currently in Tacoma, Washington about to get ready for the day and head on to Whidbey Island, Washington. We drove up Thursday, had dinner in Seattle on Thursday night. Then we spent yesterday at the library. Note to everyone: the Tacoma Public Library is full read more

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Viva Las Vegas.

I got my new iPod on Monday. It’s still in the wrapper because I am terrified of scratching it before my new case arrives from However, I brought it to work with me today and I was looking to see if Via Con Me got copied onto it (it didn’t, I must not have read more

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Flint the llama is back home where he belongs!! Turns out we jumped to conclusions and the best we can figure is that he was tracking the scent of the sheep [since they like to wiggle out of the fence] and then the river made him get confused and he couldn’t find his way home. read more

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A Sad Day.

During a phone call to TheBoy’s mom we got some sad news. Their neighbors [a nursery] knocked down part of their fence with a tractor, and now Flint the llama is gone. They walked every inch of the property and found no sign of him. Since it is unlikely that he would leave his herd read more

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Office Supplies Make me Giddy

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I am ordering office supplies right now, and it really does make me giddy. All of the pens and sharpies. Huzzah! I also got to order three new fancy filing cabinets and get a quote for an expensive printer. I have no idea where we’re going to put this read more

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