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A Sad Day.

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During a phone call to TheBoy’s mom we got some sad news. Their neighbors [a nursery] knocked down part of their fence with a tractor, and now Flint the llama is gone. They walked every inch of the property and found no sign of him. Since it is unlikely that he would leave his herd [and since they had never had any problem with him leaving the pasture when the gate was left open in front of him] they are pretty sure that he was “helped” out of the pasture. He was very well trained to walk on a lead, so it would not have been difficult to steal him. They live in a town of approximately 350 so we’re even more boggled that someone could have stolen him. We’re very sad, and they will be putting up flyers in hopes that perhaps they will get him back, although they don’t think it’s likely. We were all very attached to him.

In better news, they will be meeting a rescue pug on Saturday morning in hopes that she and their current pug will get along, and they will be able to adopt her. She’s super cute, a 7 year old fawn pug who was a puppy mill dog. She’s been in a foster home for almost 6 weeks and TheBoy’s mom has been looking for a girl pug for about a year now, at least seriously that long. If they get along she’ll be the perfect match for Lou [in a non-reproductive sense as they are both fixed] and then they will have both a fawn and a black pug. Keep your fingers crossed that a. the pugs get along and b. that Flint comes home.

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