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Trellis is almost done. It just needs to be blocked and seamed. It has fiddly construction bits, and there are places where I followed the directions and it still doesn’t seem quite right. It could be operator error, but I’m pretty anal when it comes to following directions and had the entire sweater charted out, annotated for any increases or decreases on the marginas, highlighting as I finished each row. I do take full credit for joining one of the shoulder seams incorrectly twice before finally doing it right. So, we’ll block it and see if we can pull some of the wonkiness into shape. I’m sure I will be able to, nothing is seriously off, although it bugs me that the cables don’t line up at the shoulders, the size that was knitted for the sample did. It is doubtful that I will ever knit a larger version of this sweater [I had planned to since I ended up making the wee-est size.] I’ll find another fun cabled baby sweater, one with less fiddly armpits maybe. We’ll see, maybe I’ll love this to death after I finish it. If not, it will hardly be the last sweater I knit for this wee one. I also have an entire skein of yarn left over, which means I bought 150% of what I needed. Oh well, I’ll find something to do with it, maybe a hat.

Black Sheep Gathering tomorrow! I am prepared to come home with as much fiber as my fairly small budget will allow. Whee!

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