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Giving Thanks

Today, on Thanksgiving before the eating and the family time begin, I’m taking the time to jot down a few of thing things I am thankful for. I am thankful that TheBoy and I live in a fairly nice apartment and that we can afford not just food and clothing but also a few non-necessity read more

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Flickr to the Rescue

There’ve been several suggestions made for how to handle my flickr issue. However, Flickr itself introduced a new feature today that solves them all for me. You can now issue “guest passes” to friends and family without a flickr account. This “guest pass” gives you the option of allowing them to see private photos. So, read more

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The Dangers of Public Photos.

This morning I logged into Flickr to see if I had any new comments on my photos. My most recent comment was from another kind Flickr member telling me that the photos I had posted of myself in my wedding dress were being linked to in a gallery on a German corset-fetishist website. I had read more

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The One With the Explosion

I’m mostly blogging about this so that my parents can laugh [hi mom! hi dad!] People who know me know that I learned to cook as soon as I could reach the top of the stove and that I made dinner occasionally for my family while I was in high school and I’ve been cooking read more

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I Vote!

This will be a little bit of a bits and bobs update. Last night TheBoy and I sat down with our voter guides and our Oregon mail-in ballots and voted. It was fun, like taking a take-home test. I would review the measure and the letters in support and opposition and then cast my vote. read more

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