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I Vote!

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This will be a little bit of a bits and bobs update. Last night TheBoy and I sat down with our voter guides and our Oregon mail-in ballots and voted. It was fun, like taking a take-home test. I would review the measure and the letters in support and opposition and then cast my vote. I got to take my time and not worry that someone was waiting impatiently behind me. However, I do worry a little bit that my vote won’t ultimately be counted, but I have as much assurance of that as everyone else does right now. It’s a sad state of things.

My simple knitted bodice body is done. I am done with the lace on one sleeve but boy, are sleeves kind of boring. In other knitting news, I ordered some yarn for mitts for TheBoy. He’s been pulling his sleeves down over his hands to hold the steering wheel in the car in the mornings because we’ve had an unseasonably cold snap for the past week or so. That means he gets mitts to solve that problem. They’ll be black and orange which is perfect since he loves the color combination and it’s the colors of his alma mater; Oregon State. I also want to get started on some tall socks from my natural dyed yarn [more about that soon.] They will be stripey and fun I think. And I need to finish the second sock in the pair for TheBoy.

My wedding dress arrived in the mail the other day, a month and a half earlier than expected. It’s in good condition, no worse for it’s cross-country trek and it’s even more beautiful than I remember it being. There’s something about a dress that no one else has ever tried on that makes it a little fresher if nothing else. The beading also seems shinier and prettier. TheFabulousKristi will be coming over on Saturday to lace me into it and ooh and ahh over it. I’m looking forward to that.

TheFabulousKristi and I are also planning on seeing The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D. I’ve actually never seen the movie, nor have I ever seen a movie in 3D so it should be great fun. TheBoy is likely going to go with us, and then TheBestMan will be over for a visit since he’s got to come partway downstate for a test.

My Christmas shopping is somewhere near 30% done. We started in August and I recently placed a few orders with places like and a few different etsy sellers. For those of you that haven’t heard of it’s a great place to get some really quality handmade goods. Like everything else online there’s some crap but a lot of quality items as well. I recommend checking it out for your holiday shopping needs.

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