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Busy Busy.

Hell of a busy week. Last week and at least the first half of this one will continue to be. I have a final to turn in tomorrow [done] and a final to turn in on Wednesday [not done] as well as a presentation on Tuesday [also not done.] I also have extra credit to read more

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Birthday Recap

My entire family has learned to feed my fiber addiction. I got the before mentioned alpaca laceweight from my mother, a subscription to Spin-Off and a book about spinning from TheBoy, and funds for the Black Sheep Gathering from TheBoy’s mom and grandmother. I also got a pretty necklace from TheBoy and a vase from read more

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Another Year Older.

It’s official. I have lived for one quarter century. There were many festivities this weekend, including the beginnings of the wedding shawl with the beautiful, beautiful alpaca that my mom bought me for my birthday. I have 383 days in which to finish it. There’s just barely more than a year until the wedding, when read more

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Of Yarn and Klutz…

Here’s some recent spinning: 4 ounces 100% corridale koolaid dyed in my crockpot. I’m not happy with it, way too much twist, but it’s recipient is thrilled, so that’s what counts I suppose. And in further news, I am a klutz. Always have been, always will be. The building that I work in has, in read more

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Fly on the Wall

Me: Does my hair look okay?Him: Ummm…It could use a comb.Me: I did comb it.Him: It looks kind of…stringy.Me: It’s wet…And curly because it’s wet. It doesn’t dry wet.Him: Oh, then yes then, it looks fine.Me: You saw me go into the bathroom with wet hair, you didn’t hear the hair dryer and yet you read more

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