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Busy Busy.

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Hell of a busy week. Last week and at least the first half of this one will continue to be. I have a final to turn in tomorrow [done] and a final to turn in on Wednesday [not done] as well as a presentation on Tuesday [also not done.] I also have extra credit to submit tomorrow [although I already emailed it to the professor because she never told us how to submit it, just said to check the syllabus which didn’t say anything other than the time it was due.] Last week I got my thesis proposal approved, next week I get to fill out human subjects compliance forms. Whee! Then the fabulous Kristi and I are going to take a joint research trip to Whidbey Island/Tacoma. I’m going to help her measure the building that she’s writing an historic structures report about and we’re both going to visit some archives in Tacoma. Hopefully I’ll get everything I need this time around.

Everyone was really positive about my thesis topic, I never realized that it might be interesting to people other than myself. It was suggested that I might be able to find an outlet for publication when done, which boggles my mind. It’d be a great resume item, that’s for sure, especially as the outlet for publication would be the agency that I most want to work for in the whole wide world. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

My arm issues are still lingering, I think that I did some internal bruising that is slow to heal. It’s really frustrating, I can’t spin and have a hard time knitting with the aching in my arm. If it keeps up for too much longer I’m going to have it looked at, although I hestitate since I don’t think there’s really anything that can be done about it. Whee, I guess.

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