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Birthday Recap

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My entire family has learned to feed my fiber addiction. I got the before mentioned alpaca laceweight from my mother, a subscription to Spin-Off and a book about spinning from TheBoy, and funds for the Black Sheep Gathering from TheBoy’s mom and grandmother. I also got a pretty necklace from TheBoy and a vase from the fabulous Kristi. It kind of looks like a tall head of lettuce, slender at the base with a slight bulge to its sides. It sounds kookie but it really is lovely! I also received flowers from a friend and tulips from TheBoy’s step-father. So, all-in-all it was quite a haul.

I didn’t take any photos yesterday, I was too busy trying to talk to 12 people at once. A friend of mine took one of she and I, but that was all.

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