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No One’s Home.

Technically, that’s not true, TheBoy is at home. I am currently in Tacoma, Washington about to get ready for the day and head on to Whidbey Island, Washington. We drove up Thursday, had dinner in Seattle on Thursday night. Then we spent yesterday at the library. Note to everyone: the Tacoma Public Library is full read more

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Busy Busy.

Hell of a busy week. Last week and at least the first half of this one will continue to be. I have a final to turn in tomorrow [done] and a final to turn in on Wednesday [not done] as well as a presentation on Tuesday [also not done.] I also have extra credit to read more

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Academic Happy Dance!

I have a thesis committee, I have a thesis committee! Now I just have to put together a presentation of my proposal and get it approved and I’m good to go to start writing. Whee!!!

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Thesis Makes my Brain Hurt.

And I’ve got six more months to go. Lord have mercy on TheBoy, he’ll be living with a madwoman soon.

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