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No One’s Home.

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Technically, that’s not true, TheBoy is at home. I am currently in Tacoma, Washington about to get ready for the day and head on to Whidbey Island, Washington. We drove up Thursday, had dinner in Seattle on Thursday night. Then we spent yesterday at the library. Note to everyone: the Tacoma Public Library is full of people who talk/sing to themselves for hours. Oy. I found a lot of good article relating to my thesis, so I feel good.

Yesterday afternoon involved a trip to the Museum of Glass. It was really neat, we sat in the hot shop for awhile watching the artist in residence [Angelo Filomeno] direct the hot shop crew in making pieces for a life-sized black glass skeleton. With horns, of course. There were some amazing pieces of his in one of the galleries, my favorite was this embroidered moth with diamonds and other sparkly bits on white silk, and the wings were skulls…It was amazing. Breathtaking even.

There were also these neat taxidermied peacocks hanging upside down by their feet, with streamers of red beads flowing downward from their beak. Then, there was a glass “puddle” complete with little glass blood droplets and a mosquito underneath. It sounds gross but was really beautiful.

We also went look for books on the history of Tacoma [no luck there] and visited Union Station, so the fabulous Kristi could see the inside. Then we had dinner in Kent with TheFabK’s childhood neighbors. Great food, great conversation. It was a lot of fun.

The only think that I hate about traveling is that I have trouble sleeping in a strange bed. So, I haven’t slept well in the past two nights. I wake up a lot and just generally can’t get to sleep to a point where I’m actually getting rested. I’ll be home in my own bed tomorrow night and things will be much better.

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