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Of Yarn and Klutz…

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Here’s some recent spinning:

4 ounces 100% corridale koolaid dyed in my crockpot. I’m not happy with it, way too much twist, but it’s recipient is thrilled, so that’s what counts I suppose.

And in further news, I am a klutz. Always have been, always will be. The building that I work in has, in part, these absolutely terrible floors made of short cut pieces of 2x4s laid in rows. They had to rip a bunch of it out and replace it with concrete because it got really water damaged this winter. Well, because of the recent rain, part of the floor by a previously rarely used door has swollen. As I was hurrying to get some proofs to another department in the building, I headed out that door and tripped on the lip of the carpeting. Tripping and completely biffed it, and fell. I was wearing a metal bracelet about 1″ wide and totally bruised my arm for about 2 inches around the bracelet [the bracelet bent on impact]. I also have a bruise from the cuff of my jacket, where it cut into my arm. I’m pretty sure I whacked my shoulder on the post between the two doors because it sure hurts now [although no mark or swelling, just the joint]. My right wrist and knee hurt, but not badly. Anyway, I picked myself up and made it as far as the department I was headed for who luckily have injury remedies. I didn’t break the skin [although the bracelet did peel back a little] but when I saw my bruised wrist I may have freaked a little. I’ve been in a fair deal of pain this evening, and my mobility is limited in my left arm [and of course I have to be a lefty!] It isn’t broken, and if it doesn’t heal in a few days I’ll get it looked at. And now, for viewing pleasure…Bruises!

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