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This morning TheBoy and I headed over to E’s old apartment to help her load up some things [clothing mostly] to move it to her new house. Turns out that the person who owned it before her did a spectacularly crappy job a. with the painting and b. with the cleaning up. So, we spent read more


The One With the Explosion

I’m mostly blogging about this so that my parents can laugh [hi mom! hi dad!] People who know me know that I learned to cook as soon as I could reach the top of the stove and that I made dinner occasionally for my family while I was in high school and I’ve been cooking read more

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Of Yarn and Klutz…

Here’s some recent spinning: 4 ounces 100% corridale koolaid dyed in my crockpot. I’m not happy with it, way too much twist, but it’s recipient is thrilled, so that’s what counts I suppose. And in further news, I am a klutz. Always have been, always will be. The building that I work in has, in read more

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