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This morning TheBoy and I headed over to E’s old apartment to help her load up some things [clothing mostly] to move it to her new house. Turns out that the person who owned it before her did a spectacularly crappy job a. with the painting and b. with the cleaning up. So, we spent a mess of time cleaning out cabinets and drawers and preparing them for other things to go in. Then, we started to mask the mouldings and cabinetry in order to allow her to prep for painting. The office has two very large white splotches where the previous owner just stopped painting and instead just pushed furniture in front of it. And there is nary a 90 degree angle in the entire building, which makes getting a clean line between wall planes difficult enough that the previous owner just painted a stripe downward. E negotiated the repainting costs though before she bought it. So that’s good. At any rate, I was masking the baseboards in the master bathroom, wedged in next to a toilet and I’m pretty sure that’s where I got bitten. I’m not sure, but it was definitely there by the time I finished the baseboard and worked my way around to the mirror. And now, for at least a few days I’ll be sporting this:


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  1. mom

    When I read this this morning, you made me smile and for me this week it is a VERY GOOD thing. Love you