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Happy Birthday to Me

There’s nothing like an impending wedding to make your birthday feel mostly insignificant. But, I’ve officially entered the latter half of my twenties and we made the last huge arrangements for the wedding today. Now, I just have to stay sane for the next two and a half weeks, including having faith that a. my read more



TheBoy and I have been contemplating a few newish applications lately, including twitter and tumblr. Earlier today he and I both decided to get set up with the latter. I’ll probably post a smattering of things that I find that are interesting to me. Feel free to follow my meanderings at TheBon in Brief.


I know, I know.

I need to write all about my trip, at least the condensed version, but for now I need to post this: I am seriously remiss in posting about receiving the second package from my spin to knit buddy 140 yards handspun Cormo dyed with koolaid. The pale blue puff is some carded, dyed cormo read more

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Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair

I am officially in the San Francisco Bay Area. After a 15 hour train ride I have taken a nap, taken a shower, had good German food for dinner [mmmm schnitzel!] and gone to two knitting group meetings. And now, now I will pass out for my two hours of sleep last night and two read more


An Open Letter to my Neighbor, version 2

Dear Ms. Agoraphobic, I know that it is too much for your sensitive soul to be subjected to any noise at any time. However, the fact that you insisted on banging on my wall, not once, not even twice, but three times at 2.30 pm on the Saturday just past could not (and did not) read more