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An Open Letter to my Neighbor, version 2


Dear Ms. Agoraphobic,

I know that it is too much for your sensitive soul to be subjected to any noise at any time. However, the fact that you insisted on banging on my wall, not once, not even twice, but three times at 2.30 pm on the Saturday just past could not (and did not) change the fact that it was not my music that you were hearing. Rather, it was music belonging to BoomBassBartender who lives on the other side of me. Bass travels well, especially along the outside of walls. So, I’m sorry that when I tried to stop your banging by ringing your doorbell to talk to you like grownups that you chose to hide from me (resulting in me having to call the apartment manager to come and make you stop). I’m sorry that my living next to you has been nearly three years of constant torture and injury to your sensitive soul simply by virtue of the fact that I exist.

Again, you get no love from me,


Ms. Agoraphobic and BoomBassBartender are only two of the things we hate about this apartment. We’ve wanted out for well over a year now. However, it has not been feasible for us to pack up and move, or else we would have been long gone. *sigh* Technically I never should have rang her bell, we’re not supposed to ever confront another tenant. Instead we’re supposed to call the apartment manager’s cell phone and let him deal with it. Normally I’d have no problem with this but, quite frankly, I was steamed by her idiocy.


  1. TheAmpuT

    I hate shitty neighbors. I’ve been wanting to move for awhile, too…but my neighbor makes me willing to even cut a loss when I sell.

  2. Mary

    Just blame the doorbell ringing on temporary insanity caused by incessant banging mixed with heart thumping bass.