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Happy Birthday to Me

There’s nothing like an impending wedding to make your birthday feel mostly insignificant. But, I’ve officially entered the latter half of my twenties and we made the last huge arrangements for the wedding today. Now, I just have to stay sane for the next two and a half weeks, including having faith that a. my dress will actually be done on Friday and b. that it will not have to do more alterations on it in the week and a half before I leave town for the actual event.

I am so ready for this all to be done with.


  1. MadMup

    Happy birthday!

    It can be easy to get lost in the stress of planning, but don’t lose sight of the excitement of it all!

  2. jodi

    Woo! Happy birthday, chica.

    And soon you’ll be married and back to your normal life and this worry will be behind you. Do you ever just want to quietly slip off to Vegas in the night and be done with it?

  3. Bixby2

    Happy Birthday!! I wish I had wise words to give you on your wedding, but I was such a nervous wreck those last weeks that I threw up any time somebody mentioned it. Instead I will just send anti stress vibes your way!

  4. Sara

    Happy Birthday! Maybe your b-day present to yourself is getting to forget about The Wedding for a whole 24 hours?

  5. penny

    a very belated happy birthday. i hope you and hubby are enjoying life together!