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Out of Habit.

I have totally fallen out of the habit of writing in the blog. There have been lots of goings-on so I’ll do my best to update things here. For starters, we’re married.

photo taken by sara.

TheBoy is also now TheHusband and apart from being able to call him that (which I do with remarkable ease and regularity) we’ve determined that we don’t feel any different, just less stressed. To pull a reference from Spiral Staircase, I love him more today than yesterday, but not half as much as tomorrow.

Most things went off without a hitch. We had an issue with the first flowers that we ordered, but we were able to get replacements without problem. The weather was less than cooperative–it was sunny but pretty cold. So, instead of dancing we had “gather around the firepit time.” It was windy. We had to put up the tents we rented because was suggesting that we were going to get rain–we didn’t –but the tents ended up keeping everyone from having to pick little bits of tree out of their food. The food was fantastic. The cake was beautiful and delicious. We received many wonderful gifts–now we just need to send our thank you notes. We haven’t gotten many photos of the event, I’m thinking about mailing cds to some of the folks we know took lots of photos in hopes of getting those back. We’re also still waiting on the pro photos and I’m not entirely sure when we’ll have those. We spent a few days away from home, but not many. We’re taking our honeymoon in August, to go to the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle. Yep, we’re going to a web comic convention for our honeymoon. We’re also going to be visiting friends in the Seattle area at that time.

We bought a new couch. It is giant and comfortable. We then also had to buy a new, smaller coffee table. It is far from giant, but includes a handy drawer for the remote at the end of the day.

We have finally also logged a win in the war against melting that our apartment had engaged us in. Now, the 1970’s were a terrible time for energy efficiency in building materials. Aluminum windows were all the rage because they were Cheap. And my apartment complex took that Cheap factor and ran with it. Our west facing wall–which has no shade whatsoever–has two large aluminum slider windows, one that is 4’x6′ and one that is 3’x4′. That’s a lot of heat gain in the summer with just inexpensive drapes between the sun and us. (It’s also a lot of heat loss in the winter, but that’s less of an issue because the heat gain from winter sun helps to offset the heat loss from lack of insulation. Plus, I can always put on a sweater. What kind of a knitter would I be if that weren’t a welcome option?)
Now, we’ve lived in this apartment for over three years now and in the summer it’s a never ending battle to keep the apartment cool enough to keep us from melting. The first summer we spent a lot of time in the pool. The second summer I wasn’t here, TheBoy was living alone while I was in Alaska and he taped paper bags and cardboard over the windows. Yeah, I can’t live like that. Last summer saw the arrival of a portable ac unit which helped a great deal but required being moved to the bedroom on days when it was really hot. Yesterday, at 7pm, our apartment was logging in at 86 degrees, which was only a few degrees shy of the outside temperature. I had the ac unit and a box fan chugging as hard as they could and it was barely making a dent. Enter blackout drapery liner fabric from Joann’s. It’s on the expensive side, but after installing it (we cut it to size and just used the drapery pins to tack it to the back of the ugly cheap drapes) the temperature has been much more comfortable. It’s currently 88 degrees outside [and likely to get a little warmer before it cools off for the night] and inside it’s 76. Score one for blackout and TheMarrieds! It’s much darker in the apartment but by tacking it to the existing drapes we can still open them easily in order to let in sunshine in the morning, before the sun moves to that side of the building.

Knitting news. I am currently in possession of the Charity Blanket Swap blanket. Now that the apartment is cooler I can crank that out and get it on to it’s next knitter. I’m also working on the Mystery Stole 3. Signups close sometime today (if they’re not already). I’ve finished chart A and part of chart B, and hope to have charts A-C done by the time the next clue is posted next Friday. I’m waiting for yarn to knit for two new arrivals, a grand-nephew who should be making his debut in October (there is a large age gap between TheBoy and his siblings. His niece is 25 and has been married for something like three years.) There is also a new Minnesotan who is expected to make their debut on the 29th of December, the second child of some very dear friends of mine. And I’m plugging along on a few other things as well, including something that is an extremely nerdy gift for TheBoy. He knows what it is but I’m going to wait to reveal it here on the blog for a bit yet.

Anyone that’s in Eugene, there are bagpipers slated to play at Washburne Park on Sunday at 6.30pm. We’re planning to be there. Depending on how hot it is, I’ll probably have knitting. Leave me a comment if you’re planning to be there as well.


  1. Bixby2

    I think going to the Penny Arcade con sounds like a fantastic honeymoon! I hope you guys have a great time 😀

    I am well aquainted with the battle against the melt. Our apartment is so very ancient and it not only has a room with a completely glass fourth wall, but the roof is little more than paint and some drywall. We are melting every afternoon. Our solution is to move, but I am planning to get some blackout shades for the bedrooms. So glad to hear it works so well.

    I am working on the Mystery Stole too. I just spun up some yarn tonight that I might use for it if I got enough yardage. I can’t wait to see your progress!

  2. Sara

    We’re losing the battle against the melt *sigh*. And, er, *guilt*, I still haven’t finished your wedding gifts, so… erm, that’s why you haven’t gotten them yet. Happy knitting on the mystery stole (how could it not be?) and the Charity Blanket!

  3. Mary

    We’ve fixed the melt in the bedroom with our window A/C. Unfortunately everywhere else is sweltering. Yesterday we had a wicked storm that brought the temps from upper 90s down to 70. It was glorious! By the way, when in August are you going to be in Seattle?

  4. Marc

    Save this blog entry in a time capsule. Look at it again in oh,… say, 20 years. There will be things in here you won’t have remembered, and you’ll laugh about how much has changed (for one, I’m sure you’ll have a big central air conditioning unit in your home by then).