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Viva Las Vegas.

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I got my new iPod on Monday. It’s still in the wrapper because I am terrified of scratching it before my new case arrives from However, I brought it to work with me today and I was looking to see if Via Con Me got copied onto it (it didn’t, I must not have transferred it correctly when I took it from my powerbook to the desktop.) Then, I decided to just hit play on the next song. Ended up skipping two and then coming to a short pause on a remix of Viva Las Vegas by Elvis.
Then I skip.
Viva Las Vegas; this time Bruce Springsteen.
Skip again.  
Viva Las Vegas; covered by Dead Kennedys.
Skip again.
Viva Las Vegas; the ZZ Top cover.
Skip again.
Viva Las Vegas; original Elvis variety.

That is five versions of the same Elvis song. It’s not even a song that I really love. It’s good once in a while, but five songs worth? That’s crazy talk. Also, I think I’ll have to vote the Dead Kennedys version my favorite of the five. I currently have a total of 4023 songs on my iPod, which is more than I can remember what is there. And, it’s not even half full. Who really needs the 60gB version, and can they find anything on it? I mean, really!

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