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Flint the llama is back home where he belongs!! Turns out we jumped to conclusions and the best we can figure is that he was tracking the scent of the sheep [since they like to wiggle out of the fence] and then the river made him get confused and he couldn’t find his way home. However, some neighbors responded to fliers put up and let TheBoy’s mom know that their children had seen a brown llama by the river when they were riding their 4-wheelers. They took her down this morning and found him by a filbert orchard, really stressed out. He refused to let them halter him, so they herded him back towards  home and as soon as he smelled his sheep, he took off toward them. So, he’s back home safe and sound and not stolen. Like I said he’s stressed out, but he’ll calm down now that he’s back with his herd. Hooray!

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