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The Shoes Have Arrived.

And now I have photos. They’re a little snug yet, but since they’re leather they will stretch. The right one hurts but I have an injured pinky toe, so I think that’s the source of it. And now, a barrage of photos!

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Cultured Milk

I don’t like milk. I never have. I think that this has been exacerbated by the fact that cow’s milk tastes weird to me. We raised dairy goats when I was a kid and so we had raw goat’s milk and only drank cow’s milk if we happened to run out. At any rate, I read more

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I’m in Love With a Shoe.

I have located the perfect shoes for the wedding. Granted, they’re on sale now which means that the color I want will likely be gone before I can get to a Fluevog store to try them on. I’m hesitant to order them online without trying them on because the return policy for sale items is read more

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 TheBoy and I do grocery shopping once a week. We try to go on Sunday evenings, after dinner if possible, when our chosen grocery store is less packed. Although, our store of choice is brand new, so there usually aren’t that many people swarming it. At any rate, we always try to make up a read more

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