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Cultured Milk

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I don’t like milk. I never have. I think that this has been exacerbated by the fact that cow’s milk tastes weird to me. We raised dairy goats when I was a kid and so we had raw goat’s milk and only drank cow’s milk if we happened to run out. At any rate, I didn’t care much for goat’s milk either. I always worry that I’m not getting enough calcium, especially while I’m trying to lose weight [since studies show that getting enough low-fat dairy helps with that.] I love yogurt and try to eat that often, but sometimes I’m in a hurry. Tillamook makes yogurt smoothies that are great for this but they’re about the cost of 3 containers of yogurt and have roughly twice the sugar. While doing our weekly grocery shopping yesterday I spotted Nancy’s Kefir Cultured Milk. At 75 cents it was more expensive than my yogurt and higher in both fat and calories but it seemed much higher on the ease factor. Plus, I’d still get all the benefits of the active cultures. So, this morning I worked out a little bit and then grabbed the carton from the fridge. I shook it, opened it, and smelled it. The smell wasn’t great but that didn’t deter me. I poured it into a glass and even with vigorous shaking, it remained a bit chunky. I took a small sip and nearly gagged. The taste to me was like the smell from a goat’s udder. I took a second sip just in case my first was more a reaction to the smell. Nope, still tasted like the smell of an udder. So, quick and easy not withstanding, I couldn’t drink it and we won’t be purchasing it again.

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