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Cart Before the Horse?

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My doppelganger made a comment about my shawl [which looks very close to the same as it did the other day so I’m not going to post a new photo] and how it’s coming before the dress. Folks might have also noticed that the shoes came before the dress too. It’s primarily been out of necessity. My mom [hi mom!] lives on the east coast where I grew up and I have refused to try on dresses until I can try them on with her first. I’ll be going home in two weeks to do just that and I’m taking the shawl with me to make sure that if I buy something out there that the shawl won’t totally clash with it.

However, the shawl has never been just an accessory for me. Instead it’s a tangible symbol of how much I am putting into this relationship and the marriage. Each stitch [note there are approximately 45,000 stitches in the shawl] stands for all of the ways I am willing to work to make sure that our marriage is a long and happy one. Yep, I am a sap, expressing my love through yarn. How better? Everytime TheBoy sees me working on it he smiles, so it must be working.

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