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Test Post: Dear Father

I’m testing a new theme out in hopes that it will mean that I blog more–or at all. I’m thinking of doing more short posts with some of my favorite photos. Since I got a new smartphone, I’ve been leaving my dSLR home more and more and I want to get back to take more read more

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I just upgraded things to WordPress 2.7. Everything is slick and shiny on the backend which makes me a happy girl. It looks like everything is fine, but let me know if wonkiness ensues.



I upgraded to WordPress 2.5.1 this morning. It looks like everything went smoothly but if you find anything wonky, please let me know!


Year In Review

In fiber: 1. Peacock, 2. Bear Spins!, 3. Romney, 4. Washrags!, 5. Peapod With Buttons!, 6. Merino/Tencel, 7. Hat!, 8. Hebrides Overture, 9. Sweet Baby Cap and Thumbless Mitties, 10. Octopus, 11. Sweater for Baby Lingo, 12. Tiny Stockings Created with fd’s Flickr Toys. In daily life: 1. Magnets!, 2. Stitches West, 3. Magnets!, 4. read more


Spam Spam Spam

I’ve been having a lot of problems with spam lately so I just installed a different spam filter. If it gives you any problems, let me know and I’ll deal with it.