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I just upgraded things to WordPress 2.7. Everything is slick and shiny on the backend which makes me a happy girl. It looks like everything is fine, but let me know if wonkiness ensues.


  1. penny

    I know! I get a shock every time I log into my dashboard. It’ll take some getting used to. 😉

  2. Diar

    Hi! I’m Diar from

    I publish a quarterly free PDF magazine on my blog and the next issue (Jan-Mar 09) is about new year and stuff. I’ve interviewed Michael Green, the one behind Day Zero (101/1001 Project) and I still need to interview people who join/participate/do the 101/1001 project. I found your 101/1001 link and I wonder if you’d like to be interviewed for my magazine 🙂

    If you’re interested, please contact me (you can go to my blog and click the “contact” page. This is really urgent, as I’m publishing the newest issue on Jan 12, 2009.

    Thanks so much for this opportunity 🙂