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Shibui Knits Sock

Today’s fixation is Shibui Knits sock yarn. TheBoy has been asking for socks since fall ’04 when we first started living together. At the time, I made my father and one of my fathers-in-law worsted weight boot socks for Christmas. TheBoy? He got the yarn for his in a box. And then I only knit read more


Fairwell my Plastic Friend

Had a little bit of a rough week, full of sad things. The least of which was the demise of my beloved and trusty plastic Royal brand ball winder. Above is the last cake of yarn it will ever make, an 880 yard skein of lovely olive green merino laceweight yarn that I purchased from read more


Doing vs. Discussing

A big part of why I don’t blog as much as I used to is that I spend a lot of my internet time doing research for other big things going on right now. No, I am not going to have a baby, just to clarify things. Let’s just say it will be great in read more


Proof That You Can Find Anything Online

The Mangroomer “Mangroomer® is the essential do-it-yourself electric back hair shaver for men. The unique design enables a man to remove unwanted back hair by himself in the privacy of his own home or while traveling.” Yeah. I don’t even know what to say. It kind of says it all. Other than, Dad, be careful read more


I Vote!

This will be a little bit of a bits and bobs update. Last night TheBoy and I sat down with our voter guides and our Oregon mail-in ballots and voted. It was fun, like taking a take-home test. I would review the measure and the letters in support and opposition and then cast my vote. read more

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