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Shibui Knits Sock

Today’s fixation is Shibui Knits sock yarn. TheBoy has been asking for socks since fall ’04 when we first started living together. At the time, I made my father and one of my fathers-in-law worsted weight boot socks for Christmas. TheBoy? He got the yarn for his in a box. And then I only knit one.

Now, my husband, bless his heart, has big feet. Size 13 wide big. So I knew if he was going to get the socks he wanted I’d better find some yarn (and a lot of it) that I’d enjoy knitting miles of sock with. I always seem to get the urge to buy yarn around nine o’clock at night, after everything local is closed so I’ve started buying yarn online from Knit/Purl. It’s semi-local (in Portland) and my orders arrive within 2-3 business days of placing an order. I think this was the third or fourth order I’ve placed with them since October or so and I’ve always been pleased. So while I wholly endorse the yarn shop, let’s talk about the yarn.

seaweed and pagoda

Look at the colors! The depth of color is wonderful and their semi-solid nature is fantastic. I’m knitting this into a fairly dense fabric (9 stitches per inch on size 1 crystal palace bamboo double pointed needles) and it’s still sproingy and wonderful as a fabric. The twist is wonderful, it’s a very round yarn which leads me to believe that it would make wonderful tiny cables, although the socks are likely to be far more boring than that. Shibui Knits is a Portland-based company, so I’m doubly supporting my local community (although I believe the yarn is milled elsewhere).

I planned for each sock to use about a skein and a half of yarn, that’s almost 300 yards each. They’ll be primarily seaweed with contrasting toes, heels and a stripe at the top of the cuff. I expect them to take me a fair amount of knitting time, but it’s the kind of knitting that sets my mind on auto-pilot. They’ll be my “knitting with other people” project, or my “knitting and actually paying some attention to the tv” project.


  1. penny

    i LOVE shibui sock and was very sad when my LYS (far from Portland, alas) only had the pale sand left [probably b/c i bought all the rest] which would not do for boy-fingerless-mitts. love love love. it’s mostly the twist that gives me this love. i’m on an internet order buying freeze so i’ll have to wait a bit to stock up.

    these giant socks sound wonderful and i’ll continue the thanks that my boy has small-ish feet (men’s size 8). 🙂

  2. TheAmpuT

    SO pretty. I am dying to know what your plans are, besides the color placement. Toe up? Top down? Stockinette? Rib? Pattern?

  3. Amy

    beautiful! My husband has been asking for socks, but he wants some to wear to work which means browns and beige, no cool colors like that!