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Friday Fixation: Ibuprofen

Today’s Friday Fixations is ibuprofen, brought to you by the pulled muscle in my neck/shoulder. Enjoy your Friday night folks, I’ll be back tomorrow.

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Dyson Animal

Today’s Friday Fixation is a new gadget that makes my life a little easier: the Dyson Animal (DC25). Since our old Eureka has pretty much given up the ghost we decided that the extra money for the Dyson would be money well spent. We ran around town looking for it last Sunday, but unfortunately we read more


Target Women

Or, Sarah Haskins, I totally have have a girl crush on you. I’ve been watching the “Target Women” spots for awhile now. Sarah Haskins is tall, and lovely and never seems to quite know what to do with her arms. Oh, and she’s hysterically funny. From Chick Flicks, to Yogurt (food of women!), to read more


PiDay FriDay

Happy Pi Day folks! I’m taking a short break from the Pi Day festivities to share today’s fixation: Garfield, two ways. Number 1: Without Garfield Number 2: Live, full color, filmed in front of a blue screen, with bonus music videos.

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Busy B*

Things have been quite busy here lately. I spend Thursday nights knitting with ViolinJodie and a handful of other folks. This week’s topic of conversation turned to Black Sheep Gathering (BSG). This year’s BSG is going to be happening at a crazy time in this city, just before the US Olympic Trials [expect a lot read more