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Dyson Animal

Today’s Friday Fixation is a new gadget that makes my life a little easier: the Dyson Animal (DC25).

Since our old Eureka has pretty much given up the ghost we decided that the extra money for the Dyson would be money well spent. We ran around town looking for it last Sunday, but unfortunately we could not find the DC25 Animal in town (the DC25 line are the “Ball” line of vacuums.) I wanted the Ball for a variety of reasons:
1. They weigh less than their traditional counterparts.
2. They maneuver more easily, since they can pivot in any direction.
3. They are fancier and cooler than the non-Ball vacuums.

We did end up finding the vacuum locally, at Best Buy (I actually placed my order on-line for in-store pick-up which was an easy and smooth transaction and I recommend it). We went out in a heavy rain on Monday evening to pick it up. It comes needing a little assembly (you need to snap on the handle and connect the brush to the ball, no tools involved) but by the time it was ready to go, it was too late to run it. Tuesday morning I was finally able to run my test, and joy of joys! This vacuum is amazing. I had run the old vacuum on Saturday and when I vacuumed with the Dyson on Tuesday, I swear you’d have thought there was half a cat in the carpet! It also runs more quietly than the old vacuum so the cat is less afraid of it. All-in-all I am very pleased and think it was an investment well made.


  1. Mary Strickland

    I LOVE our Dyson. I have the yellow original one. Wish I had bought the Animal just because I like the way the wand works, and a few other things. In terms of suction, our yellow works as well as mom’s Animal version. It is so strange to feel this kind of love for a vacuum cleaner, but I totally understand.