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 TheBoy and I do grocery shopping once a week. We try to go on Sunday evenings, after dinner if possible, when our chosen grocery store is less packed. Although, our store of choice is brand new, so there usually aren’t that many people swarming it. At any rate, we always try to make up a menu for the next week and first on this week’s list was pita bread. We made some pita pizzas, because we’re trying to watch what we eat pretty closely as we both need to shed some pounds. When we finally located the pita bread in the store, I was transfixed by this package looking up at me. Bible Bread!?! A little bit of research on the company doesn’t reveal whether they are heavily religious, just that they’re organic. They’re simple, whole wheat and sesame seed pitas. They were pretty tasty, I might even called them Christ-a-licious! Which, Mac and I decided would make a fantastic url. If I thought I would ever use it, I’d register it right now.

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