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Life is really busy these days. Tomorrow, TheBoy and I will have a big bed. A king-sized bed. We needed a new bed because the old box spring died. We figured if we had to buy a bed, we were not buying another full bed because that bed was way too small for two grown people. So, we went in search of a new bed, and found one that we think will be wonderful. The guys from The Mattress Store are delivering the new bed tomorrow and taking away the old, broken bed.

There are now catagories for the blog, here, but I haven’t really set them up yet. Maybe I’ll do that now. Eventually I’ll shuffle everything into catagories and you’ll be able to select the catagory over to the left there and get all topics that I’ve posted on a given subject.

*edit* looks like the comment system isn’t entirely set up, soon every post will also display which catagories it is filed in.

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