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Farmer John

Recently my husband and I purchased a share in a local community supported agriculture farm, thanks in part to Jodie and Anthony. Once a week we get a bag full of wonderful local produce. So far our favorite things have been the apricots, the strawberries, and the homemade sauerkraut. Just after we joined, the farm read more


Mike and Lynette

You could tell me we belong together And I could tell you belong with me But we’ve run out of things to say And we’ll be happy anyway* Congratulations Mike and Lynette. You’re now one of us, those ridiculously happily married couples. May your love buoy you through all of life, and may your happiness read more

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Just a Pretty Cat Photo

Because I think she’s the best cat ever.

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Cherry Picking.

Things have been busy, but one thing that we’ve been making time for is trips to Hentze’s Family Farm in Junction City to pick our own fruit. On our first trip, the dark sweets weren’t quite ready, so we picked 18 pounds of Rainier cherries. The photo above is dark sweets though, because they still read more



Lunchtime. Grabbed at quick burger with my husband. Waiting in the car for our food, I see an elderly couple exit the restaurant and climb into a tan Ford Taurus of mid-90s vintage with bumper stickers that read “The only Bush I trust is my own” and “somewhere in Texas a village is missing its read more