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O Danny Boy

My Pop-pop would have probably been horrified by this but may I point you to Danny Boy as sung by the Swedish Chef, Beaker and Animal. Pop-pop was American by birth location only, my Nanny and Granpa (my dad’s grandparents) came to the States from Ireland in the early part of the 20th century. My read more


Bon 1, Ants 0

As much as I love living in Oregon there are a few downsides. It’s a temperate climate, which means spring starts in March (although the rain does not stop when spring starts, it just gets generally warmer). Because of this, we have an extremely long ant season. Two days after I first moved into this read more


Busy B*

Things have been quite busy here lately. I spend Thursday nights knitting with ViolinJodie and a handful of other folks. This week’s topic of conversation turned to Black Sheep Gathering (BSG). This year’s BSG is going to be happening at a crazy time in this city, just before the US Olympic Trials [expect a lot read more


Guitar Hero 3

I’ve never been one to spend too much time playing video games. I’m generally not that good at them, with the exception of games that benefit from many buttons being mashed all at once (Soul Caliber, I’m looking at you). That said, we purchased a Wii in December of 2006 and since that I’ve found read more


The Fist!

Today’s Friday Fixation: I’m too tired to link this to flickr, but I’m here, it’s crazy, and it’s awesome.