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Snapshot Sunday: Pizza

We went to see Wall*E today and enjoyed it, although our cheap seat theater is possibly the most uncomfortable theater ever (low seats with high, fixed-position armrests so you end up sitting bolt upright and tipping just your head back to see). Then we made a short trip into Target for a few gifts and read more

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Hurrah for the Weekend

This turned out to be an unexpectedly busy week. Lots of running around and projects. And I’m still plugging away at all of my Christmas projects and starting to plan out my Christmas baking. I send a box to my husband’s family in Las Vegas every year, and while there are some standbys (cranberry-orange bread read more


A List

Of things that have made my life better/more easy this week: Spray paint Padded envelopes Epoxy Pliers A creative brain A cat who is so thrilled when you get home that all she does is purr and purr A flexible and indulgent husband Ground turkey Text messaging Exercise [and better sleep because of it!]

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Tired on Tuesday

So I present you with evidence as to why I love this town: A bus, with a boat on top. Photo taken last May at the Willamette Valley MusicFest. Fun Fact: I did the design for the MusicFest site (coded by someone else). I’m not sure how much it may change for WVMF 2009, but read more


Turkey Loaf

Most of the time it’s the little things that make me sentimental. If you’ve been following me for any length of time you’ll know that I was very close to my husband’s grandmother who passed away just over a year ago. Today, while in the freezer section of the grocery store, I had one of read more