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Power Washing

Surprisingly hard work. We’re about halfway done, then it dries for 48 hours and then we put on a new coat of stain/sealant. It needs it.

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Cribbage; or Finding Joy Under the Stresses

I learned how to play cribbage when I was fairly young. My parents were friends with a couple who had two boys about my age; they would bring the boys over, we’d have dinner and then the grownups would drink beer and play cribbage while the kids watched a movie or played together. The real read more

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Thoughts On Change and Growth.

Cat grass. the BobCat likes to eat plants, so I planted some just for him, that are safe for him to eat. I’ve been doing a bit of navel gazing. About growing and changing and how that impacts friendships but also how that impacts how I understand myself. Earlier tonight I sent a text message read more


2009: The Nutshell Edition

Just a few things of note that went on this year: January After three and a half weeks of cleaning, painting and packing we moved from our crappy apartment across town to a sweet duplex with a washer/dryer in the garage and both a front and back yard. February We settled in to the new read more


Old and New, or You Can’t Go Home Again

Last month I was thrilled to make a trip back to Maine, where I grew up, to visit family. During my visit my father and I played tourists and visited the new Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory. It’s a fascinating structure and one that I would probably love unabashedly, except for the circumstances of its read more