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Settling In

We’re settling in here at the new house (In all my nerddom I’ve dubbed it Casa de Baya or “Berry House” for it’s pale pink color on the outside.) Our move was both spur-of-the-moment and long-coming all in one. We tend to spend quite awhile debating big decisions and then move on them in one read more


Eight Down

Twenty-three to go. Days that is. We had decided that we were aiming to move out of this apartment by February 28th. Except then we found the perfect place for us but we needed to snap it up immediately or risk losing it. So we’re paying rent both places this month, giving us thirty-one days read more


Looking Back, Looking Ahead

1. A, 2. The Sun, 3. Wall O’ Fists, 4. Chapstick, 5. Ballroom, 6. Hairs Cut, 7. A is for Ace, 8. Tristan + Cake, 9. Sonata and Stool, 10. Laser Tag in the EMU :: Tristan, 11. Resting, 12. Dancing Guy, 13. Cat in Harness, 14. Cake, 15. Dancing in the Dark, 16. Lincoln, read more


Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

…in New England. We got 4″ of snow on Sunday night. Snow and cold is a little abnormal, we trend towards wet, melting, slushy snow that only sticks around a day or so, falling when temperatures are above freezing. Instead, tonight we’re sitting at 12 degrees Fahrenheit at 10pm (they keep lowering the predicted low, read more


Possessive Kitteh

I think she and I need to have a talk about who the macbook really belongs to. Clearly she disagrees with my assessment that it is mine.