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Ever since our encounter with the stray cat at Nanie’s house last October, my husband and I have been talking on and off about getting a cat. We really want a dog, but our current circumstances are not amenable to that. Last Thursday, a small, sad black cat showed up at our door. He cried read more


Safe Haven for Wandering Pets?

TheBoy and I currently have no pets. Fish! went to the big fishbowl in the sky last August at the ripe old age of 2.5. We really want a dog but alas, they’re not allowed where we currently live. We could have a cat, but while we like cats, we’re not so sure we want read more



Uffda! What a long month it has been. How does it go so quickly? I’m back in classes for this term, and that’s kicking my butt a little bit. We’re also at Nanie’s one day every week trying to get things all squared away for a. the estate sale and b. the house sale. It’s read more



Sheep sculptures. As far as I can tell, their bodies are wrapped with telephone cords. I like this a lot, both in direct imagery [the cord makes a great wool-y texture] and also in the artistic implications of a flock of sheep made of telephone parts. I’m not entirely sure who created these, I found read more


A Week Late and a Dollar Short.

Or something like that. I’m feeling better now [although the cold is still hanging on a bit.] This means it’s past due for my Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival Report. I drove up with Fyberduck and Emily to Canby. After a short mishap finding the place, we arrived early enough that parking spaces were still read more

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